Things To Do in Doha with Visitors

One of the main reasons people visit Doha is to see their family and friends, this month I’ve had my best friend visit for the first time ever. Due to the current blockade, there are hundreds of misconceptions about what state Qatar is in currently. Life goes on and as my friend described Qatar is like “A Sims game with the money cheat”.

I’ve compiled a short list of a few of my personal favourite things to do when I have people visiting.

1. A Day at Banana Island

I’ve already written about the day pass for Banana Island but in brief, it is a wonderful excursion (just make sure the weather is sunny!). Booked with the spa appointment, it makes for a relaxing and enjoyable day. I recommend pooling together the food vouchers so you get to try more than one restaurant. Read about it in more detail here.


2. Desert Safari with Arabian Adventures

I’ll leave a link to the half day desert safari package, the driver picks you up and takes you to a camp where you can ride camels, drink Arabic coffee and get henna done before heading out to the dunes. I have used this company a few times now and prefer them as they are a little edgier.




3. Ladies Night at Nobu

This is an impressive little spot for cocktails, the Sake, Lychee and Yuzu Pear Martinis are my fave! The views are stunning and the cocktails are on point – what more do you need? Definitely a winner. The cocktails are around QR35 each and accompanied by the happy hour mini plates makes for a perfect evening. The only flaw is that they don’t have much available for vegetarians.


4. Brunch at the Four Seasons

I have been to a number of brunches in Doha and I have many favourites however for the quality of food and impressiveness – Four Seasons Friday Brunch is the winner. Outside of the middle east, brunch isn’t really a thing therefore when you have guests over you want to show them what it’s all about! I find at some of the brunches it’s geared towards drinks which is completely fine depending on the company however if they’re into food then this is the one to go to.

5. Business Lunch

Business lunch is a true pleaser at the fraction of the price, it’s a way to sample the menu at restaurants but easy on the bank account. I tried the business lunch at CUT @ the Mondrian and just wow. I ordered the steak for my main and honestly, it was like butter. I took a photo so I can drool over it in the privacy of my own home.


6. Souq

The souq requires no effort as the atmosphere is unique and there is nothing better than sitting and watching people go past whilst you drink a fresh lemon and mint. It has the perfect mix of local and touristy shops and you can find some nice little gems to take home. In comparison to the markets in Turkey, Oman etc I find that the people don’t haggle tourists as much and you’re free to roam without feeling the need to fast walk away from people.


7. Walk on the Pearl

The pearl is beautiful on a sunny day and I highly recommend going for a walk on the pearl one morning. We started at Pauls – grabbing a coffee and a croissant and walked until Medina Central. We went on a Saturday morning when it was calm and quiet and you basically have the place to yourself.


8. Karak & Chapati At Katara

My friend had done a little research before she arrived and Katara was one of the places she really wanted to see. Now, there isn’t much on during the day but it was beautiful weather and quiet. To end off we took a seat at Karak & Chapati for some…Karak & Honey Chapati (obvs).


9. MIA & Corniche

A Doha staple – you need to visit the MIA, the building is impressive however after visiting it a few times – I’m a little bored of the museum itself sadly. However, make sure to take your guests outside for an incredible view of the skyline. The corniche is scattered with “party boats” so take a stroll along there and take in Doha’s beauty.


10. See Whos in Town

My last recommendation would be to see if there is anyone interesting in town. The week my friend came to visit The Chainsmokers, Inna, Jay Sean and Jeremiah were all in town. Tickets are pretty cheap especially club performances so I’d keep my eyes open!



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