Sushi Night at Spice Market

Being on holiday is just an excuse to indulge in some foodie treats, we headed to my fave Spice Market at the W for their Sushi Night. The sushi is one of the best in Doha and the reigning king of crispy shredded crab rolls.

I was expecting a buffet of some sort but to my delight, we didn’t even have to get up from the table. Lazy gals dream. They had a set menu of starters which included Tempura, Teppanyaki, Chefs salad, Edamame and Miso Soup. In all honesty, they should have just left the soup out – I didn’t come here to drink hot water thanks!  I loved that you could order more of any of the dishes whenever you wanted, although unnecessary due to the sheer amount of food, it was nice to have the option.



The main event was next and LORD this was serious sushi platter business! The presentation was impressive with sashimi in an ice bowl and some sort of smoking pot blanketing the Maki making it look like an entrance fit for Beyonce. From then on, the night is a blur as I began to slip into a heavy food coma. The waiter seeing us in this state very kindly let us take our dessert to go.


For 250 riyals, this is an incredible bargain for sushi lovers and I highly recommend heading there on a Saturday night ASAP.

We are all 11/10 full and ready for bed here.


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