Speedy Guide to Muscat​

A long weekend and desperation to escape the Doha bubble resulted in a super speedy trip to Oman. Thinking no one else would be heading there was a big mistake, however, due to the current blockade, we found that our entire plane had decided to ‘pop over for the long weekend’ as well. As it was a flying visit we decided to stay in Muscat and see what it had to offer.

Ditch Hotel Breakfasts – Head to D’Arcys Kitchen

The first two days we ate at the hotel a lot and we were pretty disappointed with the quality of the food, it was massively overpriced and I found myself pretty underwhelmed. On the last day, we found an incredible restaurant called D’Arcys Kitchen the food was so delicious that I still look back at the photos to this day and dream. Look, look at them! 100% would go back for every meal.


Rent a car

I’d heard a number of people complain that Oman is very expensive and I’d say that taxis  are the main reason for this, we decided to rent a car and this was definitely a smart decision, we found that taxies didn’t come to our hotel so you’d have to use a hotel taxi which is all sorts of foolishness and trickery. Having a car gave us the freedom to go out and explore restaurants in the city as well as sightsee at our own pace. The main attractions of Muscat are quite spaced out so taking a taxi or hiring a tour guide would cost mad Dollar. The driving is typically middle eastern (better than Qatar for sure) and the roads are pretty easy to navigate (thanks to Waze). Take a drive to the old souq to overstimulate your senses.


Visit a Fort

The drive out of Muscat was beautiful and picturesque with mountains and plenty of greenery, we took a day trip to one of the Forts. The views are instagrammable and there’s plenty to explore.


Opera House & Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Sadly, during the time we stayed in Muscat, the Opera house was being used for rehearsals, therefore, we didn’t get to look inside however if the outside was any indication of how opulent and outrageously OTT it is inside then I’ll probably have to go in with my sunglasses on. The grand mosque was one of my favourite parts of the trip, continuing with the theme of OTT, the level of detail is insane. Definitely worth a visit and gals, don’t forget to cover up and take a scarf or you’ll have to Abaya up!




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