A Day at ​Banana Island

A couple of weekends ago I took a short trip to Banana Island or as I renamed it “Ba-nay-nay Island” for a lovely day-cation. We booked on for the QR650 deal which included all day pool and beach access, a 60-minute massage, and QR200 off the food bill per person. Keeping in mind that a massage alone costs around QR 300+ riyals in any spa here, the deal was already looking promising.



We arrived at Banana island after a 30-minute boat ride and it instantly reminded me of the film Couples Retreat, the island has that kind of relaxation & rejuvenation vibe – probably because there was no construction insight. We spent the majority of the day poolside where some highlights included the complimentary suncream (easily impressed) and the free sunglass cleaning service (I KNOW RIGHT – it doesn’t take much to impress us, honestly.)

The massage was genuinely one of the best that I’ve had in Doha for sure, the ladies and men have separate sections of the spa so you spend a lot of time roaming around in a robe, which I loved. The massage was so good that at one point I’m sure I started dozing off and woke up startled by the noise of a bell ringing which apparently signified the end of my massage.

The food prices were pretty reasonable and the 200 covers lunch and 2 drinks pretty easily. The main attraction has to be the views and relaxing ambiance of the island that genuinely makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Apart from the planes taking off, the busy city of Doha seemed so far away from this little-hidden paradise.


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