5 Places to Shop in Colombo


For anyone who’s visited Sri Lanka, I’m certain that shopping hasn’t been one of the reasons for the visit however there are a number of boutiques and shops in Colombo which I visit religiously every time I’m in the country. I’ve observed an incredible number of people who leave the country having purchased elephant pants, that shit is unflattering and they’re not “traditional”. You wouldn’t catch a local wearing those, I don’t care how comfortable they are! (I feel very strongly about this)

I’m not someone who buys clothes based on what’s in fashion, especially as the current trends make me look like I’m wearing a sack. #bigboobproblems. I also really like finding pieces that no-one else has – which is why I tend to shop when I travel (yup, sticking to that reasoning as my excuse for shopping)

Here are a few of my favourite places to shop in Colombo:


PR Boutique

PR boutique has the most beautiful selection of clothes and jewellery, I tend to walk in and have to look around twice before picking anything up as I’m enticed by the choice. It’s one of those shops where I want everything. The jewellery alone has me checking my savings account to see whether I really need savings when I can live happily ever after surrounded by necklaces and bracelets. My favourite purchase so far is my Anuk silk dress, I bought a beautiful emerald green wrap dress which has me making plans just so I can have an excuse to wear it.  The skincare range is also noteworthy, I’ve picked up an amazing lotion and eye cream and they’ve both been products I’d buy again. The staff were welcoming and had great product knowledge, it’s basically an experience when you walk in.

Anuk Dress


Paradise Road

Furniture and home accessory heaven, I took my friend here and I have genuinely never seen her SO happy. If you’re into stripes and no fuss home wear then this place will blow you away, the thing I love most about paradise road is that it is simple and classy, right up my street..or should I say road. (sorry) I would happily kit my entire house out in Paradise Road if my baggage allowance permitted.




Now this place can be a tourist trap if you let it, I’d advise that you resist the urge to fall victim to the souvenirs and explore either the home section upstairs (can you gather that I really like accessorising my house?). If that’s not quite your thing then I recommend walking past the shiny new mango section (SO OVERPRICED) and delve deep into the Asian brands, I’ve picked up a lot of staples from here mainly because they make clothes for people who are MY HEIGHT! The struggle is real oh my word. The quality can be hit and miss so be prepared to search hard.

Dresses from Odel
This was under 100 Riyals


Cotton Collection

Cotton collection is a challenging shop, I find that it’s somewhere you have to be prepared to dig deep and spend time finding the gems, there’s a lot of clothes that are imported, I’ve found some New Look and Primark products here before so avoid those as they’re marked up! I’ve found beautiful black dresses from here though which are V.I.P’s  in my wardrobe.

This gem of an LBD


Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon is a popular brand that pops up quite a lot around Sri Lanka, they offer spa treatments as well as housing an impressive range of products, the smells are divine and they use products found in sri lanka such as cinnamon and gottukolla which have excellent benefits. I particually love the body scrub and the face masks – I’ll be stocking up on those for sure! I recommend the White Tuberose facial scrub and the Mint cleanser pictured below!




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