W.I.L.L: What I’m Loving Lately

Girls love to be nosey, I think it’s built into us – we just can’t help it. There is also nothing wrong with this, it’s really a type of flattery when someone asks where your clothes or makeup are from – basically a high 5 for having excellent shopping skills. If you’re like me and spend hours watching and reading peoples “monthly favourites” then here’s another one to the list. This is the first instalment of my “W.I.L.L”, off we go!


  1. Bath And Body Works Candles

I think i’m hella late to this party but I live for those buy 3 – get 3 free sales at Bath and Body Works. I will endure the mad rush and sticking my nose into a hundred candles until I cant distinguish between smells anymore. These babies burn for a loooong time and most importantly they are incredibly fragrant. I’d go as far as saying that they rival Yankee candles.  They’re QR95 individually but i’d recommend you wait for a sale and grab them at QR45 like I do.



  1. Sephora Charcoal Nose Strips

I’ve tried a number of charcoal skincare products after the success of the charcoal face mask and this is one that’s stood out to me. They’re QR12 each and they’re pore-sitively magical – totally worth it so get yourself a couple when you’re next in Sephora.

2.  Rituals Cherry  Blossom & Rice Milk body cream

I received this as a gift and my goodness it smells so good, you know when people comment on someone smelling good and you’re sitting there all smug knowing well it’s you. This is that body cream. It’s so fragrant and has a fresh, floral scent which is perfect for summer. I am a body cream hoarder, I have at least 4 on the go and this is definitely my current fave.




  1.   Quartz Necklace by Enki

Now I know you’re all eye -rolling because all I do is talk about Enki and The Edit but I am loving this Quartz necklace so much, it’s different to my normal statement necklace style but it just adds a little something to my outfits without it being OTT. There are different colours and varying lengths to choose from ranging from QR169 – QR199. It really does go with any outfit – why on earth wouldn’t you buy this!



  1. Tods

These are my first pair of Tods and my goodness I’m already saving up for my next pair. All my current shoes are super boring so I thought I’d go with a pop of metallic silver to spruce up my summer outfits. They’re so comfy and such good quality – not cheap but definitely worth it! (they also fit really well if you have wide feet like myself) #widefootprobs


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