Off The Record: Champs Elysee Palace

I was out to dinner with my parents when we stumbled upon (I lie, there was no stumbling involved whatsoever) an antique shop selling records. Recently, I’ve noticed a strong urge to buy a record player – going take a wild guess and point the blame on Pinterest and Urban Outfitters. Please note, prior to this trend, I was all about the Itunes.

If you’re into a bit of Herb Alpert, Paul McCartney or the Godfather Soundtrack (yes, very niche) then you need to take a little adventure down to Al Saad. The whole shop is filled with dust and packed with shelves of antiques and vintage bits and bobs. If you’re accident prone like me then I’d probably enter with caution. They  have gramaphones, old radios and vintage record players selling between QR 750 – 1500 and of course records priced between QR 100 – 150.


The shop is named”Champs Elysee Palace” and in true Doha style, the best way for me to give you directions is to put up a google map and point out well known landmarks. On the off chance that you’re actually a road name wizard I’ll put the details down below as well.

Location: Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, next to Thai Snacks restaurant, in Al Saad

Store timings: 9.30am-1pm & 4.30-10pm, Fridays – 4.30-10pm.


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